March 16 2001


It smells like spring outside. Today it has been quite warm, though not sunny, but I still enjoyed riding my bike around town. I collected my thesis from the copyshop and went to the Prüfungsamt to hand it in. The Prüfungsamt is near the Rhine, so I went down to the Rhine. The water is very high at the moment, though not as high as I have seen it a couple of years ago. You can still use the roads and paths next to the river in many places. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera, so I can’t present any pictures.

It’s hard to tell how I feel right now. I guess I’m relieved that I finally finished the thesis, but mostly, I’m exhausted. I didnt realize how stressful the past months really were until yesterday or today. I’ve spent the afternoon reading, then went shopping and cooked a delicious dinner: pasta with salmon and leek. We didn’t have any champagne, Craig, but some dry white wine (which is pretty special since we rarely drink alcohol).

And tonight, André and I are going to watch a romantic movie – um, not quite, we’re watching Men in Black. We’ve seen the movie a couple of years ago, and I thought it was great fun. The DVD has lots of extra stuff on it: extended scenes, lots of photos, explanations about how the aliens were created and so on.

Jay: “You do know that Elvis is dead, don’t you?”

Kay: “No he’s not. He just went back home.”

And thanks for the congratulations, Helena, Jeff, John, Hal, Al, and Jörg, too!

Hope your day is as nice as mine! facehappy: