March 6 2001


The Last Expression: Art from Ausschwitz explores the role of art to prisoners of Auschwitz. There are essays, interviews, virtual tours and, of course, the artwork.

(Quote from the site: “This site is optimized for viewing in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC. You may experience difficulties viewing some or all of this web site if…” you are using Netscape Communicator or a Macintosh or if you do not have a fast internet connection. Yay.)

Astronomy is a Swiss site (available in English and German) with up-to-date info, encyclopedia, literature and FAQ. Auf deutsch gibt’s auch aktuelle Informationen über den Nachthimmel; hier ist der Himmel im März. Hier gibt es auch eine Liste mit Links zu den 20 besten Astronomie-Sites, ermittelt von Computer-Bild.

Another very interesting site is CalSKY. Choose your level of knowledge (learner, hobby, astronomer) – the site presents information so you can understand it! They claim to be “tthe most complete astronomical observation and
information online-calculator on this globe”, and it might well be true.

Bad Astronomy is one of The Exploratorium’s Ten Cool Sites this month:

“The author of this great site uses popular misconceptions about astronomical phenomena and ‘bad astronomy’ from the movies and on television as a starting point for astronomy education. His approach makes learning astronomy relevant and fun!”

The author is an astronomer who works at the physics and astronomy department at Sonoma State University, California.