Daily Archives: March 26, 2000

March 26 2000

The Manila Meeting

… is over. I watched it on the web from about 2 to 5:30 p.m., but at the same time, I tried to hear what was being said on the chat, and that was difficult! The chat application turned my keyboard into an American, but not quite – ä, ö, ü were still there – , so I didn’t find anything. After half an hour I discovered the ? by accident, but I couldn’t find :-) these at all…

Some people there thought I was from NetDyslexia, but I don’t know why. Duncan said it was probably because we Germans all sound alike… Oh well.

Poor Duncan’s computer crashed several times, but he kept coming back!

What happened to me? Update: Seems like the guys from NetDyslexia noticed the above. They say:

hey andrea, congratulations! what a compliment to you

If nothing else, it made Starhacker2000 look at my site.

For some pictures of the meeting, go visit 2020 Hindsight. Susan has great pictures, as always! And I guess there are more to come… yup, they are right there on Manilapalooza!

Susan even has a pic of the well-dressed European geek with the funny accent! :-P

Kate mentioned only six of the 75 or so participants were women. I wonder why! What a pity I wasn’t able to come…

Okay, when the meeting ended at 5.30 p.m., it was 3.30 a.m in Germany because we switched to daylight savings time last night. I was sooo tired! That means I slept (too) long today and now I have to catch up with my work.

Bye for now!