Daily Archives: March 24, 2000

March 24 2000

Oldest operating McDonalds

Susan had pictures of the oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant yesterday, and I wondered whether their food was better back then.

John Marden answered:

The hamburgers were still only 15 cents, and, yes, Andrea, the food was better then. It was before Big Macs and all that new-fangled stuff.

Tangible benefit to weblogging, part two

Scott Hanson:

John says Thanks Andrea and Andre for a delivery of German chocolate. Reminds of of the Care packages of coffee and chocolate we used to get from Frauke’s folks when we were in the States.

I can’t think of any American goodies that I crave. Guess I’ve been gone too long!

Sometimes I wish there were “Denny’s” in Germany… And I miss those huge chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins, too!

John read this and wondered,

Beats me why Americans never figured out how to make good chocolate. The Germans and the Dutch have it down pat.

I think some Germans would prefer Swiss Chocolate or Swedish Chocolate to some German brands.