Piano Man

New York Times Magazine: Billy Joel on Not Working and Not Giving Up Drinking
Link via MetaFilter.

The last times I posted about Billy Joel (years ago) I mentioned that I attended one of the “Face 2 Face” tour concerts in 1998, but unfortunately Billy Joel was ill and unable to perform that night, so it was Elton John only. I’m still hoping to see both of them playing together, but it doesn’t sound to be very likely from the interview. Maybe I’ll at least get a chance to see Joel in concert on his own?

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  1. garret

    I felt it was a remarkably good interview. Nice to see one ‘star’ clean himself up, without the usual clinics and Lindsey-Lohan attention grabbing. Hope I can see him sometime, too! Got his greatest hits CDs around here someplace (digging) …

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