What kind of bookreader are you?

This question is being posed by two Atlantic articles:

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide and Many More Types of Book Readers: A Diagnostics Addendum.

I would classify myself as

  • sometimes-Multi-Tasker
  • Hopelessly Devoted to certain authors – I only read crime thrillers from three series of three authors, never any others
  • an Audiobook Listener during my commute and sometimes while going for a run
  • a Re-Reader (I’ve read Lord of the Rings several times and will re-read whole series of books if it’s been several years since the first time I read them)

In short, I guess I’m…

The “It’s Complicated” Reader. You are a combination of many of these things and yet completely different, too. Each book means a new type of reader exists in your soul; you refuse to be defined or categorized. You are a freeform, wild, woolly entity. You do whatever you want. You’re probably a pisces. You’re definitely a reader.

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