Monday, June 13, 2005

A little adventure

This weekend André and I had time to explore our new (as in: we moved here almost a year ago) surroundings a bit. We decided to visit Burg Eltz (Burg means castle), but to take the long(ish) way there, along a little brook which is also called Eltz (Eltzbach). About ten kilometres upstream from Burg Eltz is another castle called Burg Pyrmont, and we started our hike in the middle between the two. I guess our next hike will have to be the other half of the trail and a visit to Burg Pyrmont.

Burg Eltz is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved castles in Germany, and indeed it almost looks like a building out of a fairytale. But see for yourself:

Starting out.

After taking a “shortcut”, we found the path again – but we were on the wrong side of the Eltz. Backtracking for half an hour? Nah, …

… we prefer taking another shortcut.

The Eltz, viewed from a bridge.

Wild flowers grow next to the Eltz.

This is the view of the Eltz castle you’re greeted with after hiking the Eltz valley.

Getting closer to the castle.

The Eltz castle is situated in a picturesque little valley and almost completely surrounded by a loop of the Eltz brook.

Another view of the castle from the other side.

The castle up close and personal. It looks like something out of a fairytale, only less kitschy and more real.

A spigot on the outside of the castle.

The inner ward of the castle.

Another view of the inner ward, which is surprisingly small.

Looking up to the castle from the valley.

For more information on the castle, visit, which is available in English and German. Or visit Ingi’s page about Burg Eltz (text in German, but interesting photos).

Cheers to Craig who forewent the excursion to the Eltz castle on his trip to Germany to meet André and me! (By the way, I just noticed that we met exactly five years ago tomorrow.)