Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Ooh, a MetaFilter thread about Paul Erdös, the man who loved only numbers. I read My Brain is open by Bruce Schechter, but I think I’ll also have to check out The Man who Loved Only Numbers by Paul Hoffman.

Links (nicht nur) für die Schule


Thanks to Manila‘s discussion group that requires signing up and logging in, my weblog has not yet been comment-spammed. However, bad people always think of new strategies. The latest seems to be setting up a pseudo-weblog with links leading nowhere, a stolen design and hidden links to p*rn or whatever. Then they spam the referrer lists of weblogs in the hope that their Google ranking will improve.

Jeff noted the referrers and found an explanation and a link to an interesting article about the problem. idly.org: P*rn Sites Hiding Behind Blogs. And there’s also a referrer page to be indexed by search engines. devil:

Finding matching colo(u)rs

Yet another link for the collection: Colormatch 5K. I previously linked colour scheme chooser, A recipe for color and Martin’s 6-Colormatch.


Still alive, still busy. I barely have time to spend surfing the web, but I always seem to accumulate a number of noteworthy links… I don’t think I’d know what to do with them if I didn’t have a weblog.