Thursday, May 22, 2003

And thanks for the flower, Garret. facehappy:

No cavities!

Scientific America: Tea Aids Oral Health. It seems that some chemical components of (black or green) tea leaves work against bad breath , strep throat and dental caries. Well, it seems to work against caries for me, but not against strep throat – which I’m fighting at the moment. And my voice cords seem to be affected, too. I’ve got an exam at school tomorrow, so I hope that my voice will at least hold up for that period…

Link via dangerousmeta.

Giant Titan Update

World Record! And the flower has opened. Der Botanische Garten Bonn meldet Weltrekord für Amorphophallus titanum! Here’s their webcam.


Garret‘s sunsets (one, two) continue to make my day because it’s been raining here in Germany for days on end. I want sunny and warm spring weather – now!

One thought on “Thursday, May 22, 2003

  1. Bill Whitman

    Beautiful sunsets! I miss the southwest US. I was born and raised in Arizona and never really appreciated the beauty of a sunset like that. You should see some of the remarkable sunrises in Arizona! Lovely pictures!


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