Friday, September 27, 2002

Optical Illusions

I’ve seen many optical illusions that make lines of the same length look long and short and so on, but I haven’t seen any colour illusions before.Grey and grey can be the same, yet look differently. More illusions here, but the Flash plugin is required for them. These are just amazing!

Links via Eleph.antville. Also seen at MetaFilter.

moifa: Around the World

New York Times: 36 hours in Santa Fe (free registration required). Of the mentioned places and sights, André and I visited the Plaza, the Museum of International Folk Art, Harry’s Roadhouse (great food, as Hal can also attest), Canyon Road (briefly), Pasqual’s, and the Bear Wallow/Borrego Trail. But we stayed in Santa Fe for almost a week instead of just a day and a half and of course visited more sights, for example the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. Besides, it’s a good place to get marriedfacehappy:

Link via Garret, of course.

Around Europe

Bad Münstereifel, the town where my school is, is twinned with Ashford, Kent in Great Britain, and our school has a partnership with two schools in Ashford. This year’s exchange between the schools will be accompagnied by three English teachers and yours truly. Even though I don’t teach English I have been asked if I wanted to come along, and of course I said yes. We will spend a week in Ashford and are leaving from Bad Münstereifel on the day after tomorrow. I’ll be back home late on Sunday next week.

Our schedule is packed with day trips: We are going to visit Bodiam Castle, Tate Modern Art Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Science Museum, Dover Castle, the London Eye, the Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral, and some other places I couldn’t find links for.

After we return from England, there will be one more week of school (which is going to be very busy for me), and then we have two weeks of autumn break.