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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Photos from our trip

We got the slides from our trip yesterday. André started sorting them into the slide holders and finished today. I guess we’ll spend a couple of hours with this four-digit number of photos now. I sure am glad we decided not to frame the slides ourselves this time. And yes, some of the photos are going to make it to this website – once I’ve got time to select them, digitize them and put the pages together.

We’ve got tortilla chips and salsa to munch on, but they’re not as good as those you get in Mexican or Southwestern restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico.


Congratulations, Tina and John, and welcome James Anthony!

Diese Woche in der Zeit

Noch ein Nachtrag zu gestern:

Reisen: New York: Abgewiesen! “Newark wird von Reisenden geschätzt, weil sie von diesem Flughafen aus schnell in Manhattan sind. An den Beamten der Einwanderungsbehörde führt aber auch hier kein Weg vorbei.”