Wednesday, January 30 2002

Bloody Sunday

Guardian Unlimited:

“Today is the 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, in which 14 people were killed by British paratroopers at a march against internment held in Derry. Soliders said they responded to attack from gunfire and nail bombs; other witnesses said they fired indiscriminately. The Widgery inquiry into the events on February 1972, which exonerated the soldiers, was widely seen as inadequate, and a fresh inquiry is now under way. Here are the best links on the controversy and the peace process.”

See also this article from BBC: Bloody Sunday 30 years on. The BBC also has a page about the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

More information can be found at Larkspirit, “an Internet resource for organizations, publications and individuals who promote freedom with justice for Ireland”: Remembering Bloody Sunday.

Sport ist Mord?!

Patti used to skateboard. And tried it again after twenty-six years.

Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund

Garret received this via email: Kid’s responses to relationship questions.

“How can a stranger tell if two people are married?

You might have to guess, unless they’re yelling at the same kids.

– Derrick, age 8″


I recently acquired a muffin pan. Now I have to bake muffins all the time because I don’t know if I’m going to have time for stuff like that once I start the teacher training on Friday.

Today I made date-nut-yoghurt muffins, and they turned out delicious! Here’s the recipe.

Global warming?

It’s January 30, and we have had about 15°C (that’s 59°F) for several days now. In Bavaria, the temperature was up to 19°C (66°F), which is the highest temperature ever measured on any January 30 in Germany since records have been kept.

I wonder if the winter will be coming back. Me, I’m ready for spring!

Weblog Anniversary

Thanks for the belated but not lame congratulations, Mike.