Friday, January 4 2002

Happy belated New Year!

I hope you all were able to spend wonderful, relaxing days with loved ones, friends and family. Thank you for all the Christmas cards and emails!

Yes, I’m back. I have neglected this site in the past weeks. I didn’t even write that AndrĂ© and I were going away for the holidays. Like every year, we left Bonn a few days before Christmas and went to visit our parents and meet old friends. Every year on December 23, a bunch of friends from school and I meet to eat Weihnachtskekse and talk about what’s going on in our lives and sharing stories. It’s always fun and interesting to see and hear what everyone has been up to in the past months, and I like that we have a set date for that every year. I guess it would be nearly impossible to find a suitable date for everyone otherwise. I hope we will be able to keep up these meetings in the future.

On the day before the meeting, my grandparents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with children and grandchildren. They’re 78 years old, and believe it or not, my grandfather has recently bought his very first computer! Now he uses a word processor instead of his typewriter.

After Christmas, we went to AndrĂ©’s parents’ place and met friends. And we got about 15 cm of snow! It looked beautiful outside, but most of the snow melted after a day or two. Unfortunately, I got a nasty cold on December 30, so I had to cancel one meeting, but the rest of our trip was enjoyable. We returned to Bonn on January 1. It’s really cold here, but we don’t have much snow. I wish I were able to enjoy the sunny weather, but I don’t dare to venture outside for longer periods of time because of my cold. I hope I’ll finally be fit again after the weekend.

We got n€w mon€y on January 1, but you’ve probably already read about it and looked at the photos at Spicy Noodles.

While I didn’t write anything these past days, I still read weblogs regularly. There were some wonderful news, some scary news (cute photo though), lots of beautiful photos – and I’d like to thank Al for sharing his stories with us. Megan’s bedtime instructions made me laugh out loud!

I’m rambling. I need to go to bed and get my beauty health sleep. [Whew, managed to flip the page just before midnight…]