Saturday, July 14 2001


A very happy tenth wedding anniversary to you, Sandra and Garret. I’m sending positive thoughts your way concerning your heart. And I hope you’ll be able to make that trip to Las Vegas another time.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 12. Hochzeitstag, Gabi und Jörg! Feiert schön!

Three hundred and sixty degrees

360: “For more than five years, Virtual Properties has been creating high quality panoramic images. We created this site to share some of the more interesting and beautiful scenes with you.”

The site contains mainly a collection of QTVR panoramas, so you will need Quicktime to see them, but there are also panoramas in jpeg format which are really beautiful – like this one:


Be sure to check out the open heart surgery at the Meriter Hospital, Madison. The QTVR shows the operating room, but don’t worry,there’s no blood. I like this one because it has sound as well, and it’s kind of like surround stereo: The sound changes with the view!

They also have some beautiful photos from Santa Fe, New Mexico that you can use as desktop pictures.


Yeah, I’m still busy with Algebra, but I’m making good progress at the moment. Monday will be the big day – the dates for the written exams will be announced. Then I will know exactly how many days are left to my various exams – I hope it won’t make me too nervous.

But before Monday, there’s the weekend. A friend from school is coming for a visit tomorrow – oops, make that today, it’s past midnight already – and is going to stay until Sunday. If the weather permits, we’re going to explore Bonn by bike. And if it’s raining, there are always the museums.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!