April 23 2001

weltbuchtag: World Book Day

When I went to the library today to lend some books, I was given a rose together with my receipt – because it’s Welttag des Buches, World Book Day today, I was told. facehappy:

But it seems the world does not agree on which day World Book Day really is. It is on March 1st in the UK and Ireland, while the UNESCO says it’s on April 23. They call it World Book and Copyright Day. Bookaid International says it’s on March 1.

I read somewhere that World Book Day is celebrated on Shakespeare’s birthday, which is today, as Craig noted.

And I just found the following on Education Aid: “In Spain, it is a tradition to give a rose and a book to one another on St. George’s Day which is celebrated on 23 April. Some years ago UNESCO declared this day as the WORLD BOOK DAY.” So there was a deeper meaning to the rose I was given this morning…

So, did anyone else got any books and/or roses today?

Hier gibt’s ├╝brigens interessante Links zum Thema, ├╝berwiegend deutschsprachig.

Trip to England

More photos from Mothering Sunday, on which I went around the Dartmoor with Pauline.

One thought on “April 23 2001

  1. Scott Hanson

    Seeing your account of your trip reminds of how foreign England seems to me, much more foreign than Germany ever was. It’s probably because of my upbringing in the rural US Midwest, with Scandinavian/German heritage, as opposed to, say, the US East Coast.

    I’d have printed this in PapaScott, but the server seems to be sputtering. I guess it’s my turn for an outage.

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