Daily Archives: April 30, 2001

April 30 2001

Playing with words

I just found the Assoziationsblaster, German for “Associativity-O-Blast”.

“The Assoziations-Blaster is an interactive text network. Anyone, including you, is allowed to contribute to the text database. And all the texts inside this database are connected automatically in real time.

You can not browse through all the texts in a linear way. Instead you jump from one text to another depending on their connections, revealing new meanings and associations.

I especially like the Web-Blaster which shows any web page with lots of links. Here’s my site web-blasted.

Random information I found there: The most powerful invention must surely be the book. If not the form, the idea that information could be stored and shared independent of a single person’s memory. So true…

Die deutsche Version gibt’s unter http://www.assoziations-blaster.de/, natürlich auch mit Web-Blaster (meine Site geblasted).

The Lord of the Rings

Imladris is a site with news about the LotR movie. If you’re among those who can hardly wait until the first movie is released, go and have a look! They have all kinds of information and some photos as well.

Link via Garret.


“If All of Rochester Read the Same Book”: Book sparks student debate, unifies community. Sounds like an interesting project – and an interesting book: A lesson before dying by Ernest J. Gaines.

Link via Garret.

Sad news

Two days ago, Susan’s grandfather died at the age of 100 years. And although I’ve never met him (or Susan) in person, I feel like I knew him at least a bit through a Lake George Diary and other stories.

Our thoughts are with you and your family, Susan.


André posted photos from the last three days of his trip to Cornwall and tells about his journey home.

US National Parks

I’m looking for a book about all the National Parks in the USA. It should be an overview of all the parks with descriptions and some facts about the size and location of the parks, when to go, what to do there etc. I’ve searched several online bookstores and looked at the National Park Service site as well, but all I found was the National Geographic’s Guide to the National Parks of the United States (a newer version of which is available from Amazon). Maybe you could help me out?

Do you know this book, and can you recommend it? Or do you know another book about the National Parks that’s worth checking out? Your recommendations in the discussion group or via email will be greatly appreciated!