April 20 2001


Has anyone seen Les Rivières pourpres – The Crimson Rivers (deutscher Titel: Die purpurnen Flüsse) yet? It came out in Germany yesterday, and I’m thinking about watching it because I like the actor Jean Reno. He played Léon in The Professional (deutscher Titel: Léon der Profi), and he was Enzo in Le Grand bleu – The Big Blue, which I watched on DVD last night. A wonderful film, by the way. The only strange thing about it might be the ending: I saw the long version (director’s cut?) in which Jacques dives down in the end and meets a dolphin, with which he swims away, but I heard that in the American version of the film the dolphin brings Jacques back to the surface of the sea…


From today’s amount of output I conclude that Garret got over his food poisoning. Glad you’re feeling better! (And did you note I used those neat permalinks? )

And what would you do if your daughter comes home from school and says there’s going to be a shooting the next day? I didn’t have time to reply yesterday…

A difficult question. If you send your child to school, it might be in danger, if you let it stay home, you might involuntarily encourage students to create rumours like this…

Craig let his kids decide, and they stayed home. Since he didn’t mention any shooting, I suppose it was a rumour, and nothing happened.

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  1. Thomas Sensken

    Le Grand bleu – The Big Blue:

    Die europäische Fassung ist die “eigentliche”; ich mag die amerikanische gar nicht, denn für mich zeigt das Ende des Films die schönste und poetischste Sterbeszene in der ganzen (glaube ich) Filmgeschichte. Ich würde mal gerne wissen, was Luc Besson von der Ami-Version hält …



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