April 18 2001


I discovered this article about a synaesthetic woman on a MetaFilter thread in which someone linked to Letter-Color Synaesthesia by Cassidy Curtis. Who in turn linked to the International Synaesthesia Association. Did you know Richard Feynman saw the letters in equations in colours?

I’m not synaesthetic in any way, but I think it’s an interesting concept that some people see music, or hear paintings, or associate letters with colours, like Cassidy Curtis describes. Don’t you think we ‘normal’ people miss something?

I think that of my senses, only smelling and tasting are somewhat connected, but as far as I know that is normal. Do you think that some people can taste words? Smell music?


Hey, Garret did a redesign at dangerousmeta. Now he’s got permalinks as well – cool.

I hear that Audrey and Hal are expecting their first child. How wonderful! Congratulations!

Back home

I returned home last night after my grandmother’s funeral. She was 87 years old, and I’m glad that she didn’t have to suffer before her death.

Thanks for the condolences, everyone. Please understand I’m not going to send/post individual answers. I’m quite busy with catching up with mail, weblogs and other odds and ends.

Right now I’m sorting through mail – both snail and electronic mail – and trying to get organized again. Somehow, a whole month has passed since I finished my thesis, and I have no idea why time goes so fast. But I hope everyday routine will return now, so I can finally start preparing for the exams in the summer.

More news later, when I find the time. And yes, I’m going to post photos from England soon.

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