A table runner for my grandma

I just realized I never posted photos of the table runner I made for my grandma last Christmas. Loyal readers will remember that she was the one who gave me her old sewing machine and thus inspired me to start sewing. I had sewn a small wall decoration for her the year before, but thought it was high time I made her something on her old sewing machine as a thank you for giving it to me. (As usual, click on the images for bigger versions.)

I decided on a table runner made from Christmas fabrics that would hopefully fit on her couch table. On Youtube I found a tutorial for creating blocks by sewing stripes of fabric into a tube and then cutting diagonally and decided to try it out. The tube was a fun and fast way to create these versatile blocks, and the whole table runner came together in one afternoon and evening.

Then the basted table runner spent some time in the living room while I waited for inspiration on how to quilt it. I’m only really good at straight line quilting, and after looking at the squares for a week it dawned on my that I could easily create stars by quilting the squares in straight lines.

The stars are not very apparent on the front, but can clearly be seen on the plain back of the table runner.

Instead of sewing the binding onto the back by hand I decided to sew the binding on by machine on both sides, which worked out just fine. It looks neat enough on the front side, but is a little uneven on the back, but who cares? My grandma liked it!