Monday, March 21, 2005

Official first day of spring

Today is the first day of spring, says the calendar. The weather was a little early this year. The weather is great again, it’s 15°C at the moment, but I think it will get a little warmer still. The weather is perfect for a walk at the Rhine – and I think that’s exactly what my parents (who are due to arrive for a visit any minute now) and I are going to do this afternoon.

Weblogger Meeting

Yesterday André and I went to Bonn to meet and have brunch with Oliver Breidenbach, who was one of the early adopters here at Being the geeks and webloggers that we are, we mostly talked about computers, weblogs and computers in education, since Oliver’s company makes iStopMotion, a software for stop motion animation and time lapse recording. I knew about the software, but was not aware of its uses in education (see also here at, so I’ll have a closer look now.