Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Fun with Flash

I’ve been playing around with Levers for at least half an hour, I think, but I haven’t figured it out yet… but I managed to solve Samorost. There’s more fun with Flash at, for example this ball game or the mutating egg. Similar fun can be had with this wireframe skeleton. (This reminded me of the Soda Constructor.)

Links via MetaFilter.

One year

One year and two days ago we got married in New Mexico while on vacation. Thank you, Hal and Garret, for the congratulations and for making this day extra special. And thanks for the congratulations, Al, Dave, Jeff, Jörg and Sheila.

And even though I’m a few days late: Happy birthday, Hal!

whoa, and I hope you’re home safe and sound – and dry!

Back Home

Whoops, it’s been eleven days since my last posting – sorry. But nothing much is going on, really. We spent the weekend with our parents and in-laws, and on Monday, André went to the doctor to get his second cast removed! However, he can’t move his arm much yet because the elbow has been immobile for so long. He has to go to physiotherapy three times a week and will likely have to continue doing so until October. He still isn’t allowed to work and will have to stay home until the end of the week at least.