Daily Archives: January 2, 2003

Thursday, January 2, 2003

Happy New Year!

We’re back home. The holidays were relaxing (except for the brief bout of flu) and fun, but it’s always good to be back home. I’ve got a few more days off before school starts again on Tuesday.

Around the World

For Christmas, I got The Hidden Canyon by Edward Abbey (text) and John Blaustein (photos). The book describes a journey through the Grand Canyon by wooded boats. The photos are spectacular; you can see some on John Blaustein‘s site here and here.

And speaking of beautiful photos: It seems that I don’t have to take any more sunset photos myself because Garret offers so many these days. I liked the ones he posted in the last couple of days: one, two, three. When I grow up, I want to live in a house with a beautiful sunset view like he does.