Monday, October 28, 2002

Around the World

TrekEarth, learning about the world through photography.

“The underlying theme of TrekEarth is learning more about the world through photography. TrekEarth fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. This is accomplished by a critique system which encourages people to critique each other’s work.”

Another project by the same creator is TrekJapan, which “exists to show engaging photos of Japan, delicious Japanese food and information on schooling through original Japanese materials.”

Link via Garret.

Hostage Drama in Moscow

I followed the events on TV – scary. Go to Papa Scott for info and links. He is one of apparently very few webloggers who cover the story.

It’s very sad and scary to hear that over a hundred people died, but I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened if the terrorists had blown up the theater.

Back Home

After a week with my parents, André and I came back yesterday. Unfortunately, a storm managed to delay our train for about five hours. The Intercity was slower than usual all the time, and when we reached Cologne we heard that the storm had damaged both tracks between Cologne and Bonn, so there was nothing to do but wait. Some people tried to ride the underground/Straßenbahn instead (two lines connect Bonn and Cologne), but they were damaged as well. Finally, after several hours of waiting, they allowed one train to proceed. We arrived in Bonn in time to catch the last train to our part of town and arrived at home around 11:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm. Fortunately, our house is still standing, and we made it back in one piece.

Ralf, wenn die Bahn uns nicht doch noch nach Hause gebracht hätte, hätten wir uns wohl bei Dir über Nacht einquartiert. Ich hoffe, bei Dir steht das Haus auch noch und Du hast den Orkan gut überstanden.