Monday, June 17, 2002


Ralf alias rushme macht Sommerpause. We’ll see you when we see you, wenn nicht im Web, dann eben in real life. So long!


The ultimate winter gear for every passionate mathematician: Klein bottle hat and Moebius scarf, knitted from wool.

Polyhedra plaited with paper strips by H. B. Meyer. Auch auf deutsch: Polyeder aus Flechtstreifen. Muß ich mal basteln, wenn ich zu viel Zeit habe…

Links from the wonderful Geometry Junkyard by David Eppstein, who seems to be fond of recreational mathematics.


TravLang is a site covering 80 foreign languages for travelers. Choose a language you speak (there’s a wide selection, English and German are among the available languages), and select the language you want to learn. They even have exotic languages like Cornish, Gaelic, Kiswahili and many more. For many of the languages, sound is available; i. e. you can click on the word to hear it.

Link via c’t 13/2002.