Sunday, February 17 2002


Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics is back! In fact, is has been back since November 2001, but I only found out today. Weisstein had to take his site offline in November 2000 because of a legal conflict with a company that published a “snapshot” of the site as a book. They later claimed that the website was violating the copyright of the book. You can read about the conflict – choose between the short version or the detailed version.

If you are interested in other sciences such as astronomy, chemistry, physics or music, I can recommend Eric Weisstein’s Treasure Troves of Science.

Around the World

I spent quite a few hours exploring Thailand yesterday. The online guidebook has been created and is maintained by Nattawud Daoruang, a 17-year-old Thai boy who also runs a weekly online magazine called Thailand Life.

Thailand Life also includes a language course (Flash required). Sawatdee Khrab!

Link via MetaFilter.