Setting up the search engine for a Manila Site

I think there was page at Manila Newbies which explains how it works (that’s where I found how to set up my page, after all), but I can’t find it any more. It said you have to set up your site to be searchable like this:

Go to$searching and enter the following information:

Yes, you want your site searchable.

Enter the name and the URL of your site (e.g. Andrea’s Weblog,

Domain name of the search engine server:

Port: 80

XML-RPC procedure:

XML-RPC path: /RPC2

Then click submit.

On the Manila Newbies page I can’t find anymore, there was a bit of code you can include in your$advanced#template.

I have the following lines in my template:


<form method=”GET” action=””>

<input name=”site” type=”hidden” value=”Andrea’s Weblog”>

Search this site:<br>Diese Site durchsuchen:<br>

<input name=”q” size=”10″><br>

<input type=”submit” value=”Search | Suchen”>



This builds the little text window and the search button you can see below the calendar on my pages:

Search this site:
Diese Site durchsuchen:

Keep in mind that the search engine indexes only pages that appear as your homepage, and it doesn’t index any of the pages you submitted before you set up the search engine. If you want older home pages to be indexed as well, you need to click the Edit button and then the Post Changes button on these messages. (No actual changes are necessary.)

Besides home pages, stories are indexed as well. I tried with this one, and I got two matches: one for$951, and one for (which both refer to this message).

One more thing: It will take a day until it is working because the search engine indexes new pages (and new sites) at midnight each day.

Hope it works for you!