Scripting News Dinner – Saturday, May 26, 2001

A little after six, Christopher, Frauke, Scott, André and I went to the Sluizer, the restaurant at which the Scripting News dinner was held. Everyone introduced themselves, and Christopher smiled at everyone very charmingly. Here he is, talking non-geek stuff with Dave:



As you can see, Christopher is a bit tired, so Frauke had to take him back to the hotel. Here’s Frauke, a little before they left.


Stupidly, I didn’t think of taking a photo of the group at our table before they left, so she and Christopher are missing in the following pictures…

We managed to have all the people from Germany sit at one table. In the front are Kishore and Sushma, a couple from India. They moved to Germany last month. Kishore is working for SAP.

In the mirror are Scott on the left and André on the right, and behind them you can see me taking the photo.


Here’s another shot of Sushma (on the right) and Kishore. Although they’ve only been in Germany for a few weeks, they have already been on some sightseeing trips on the weekends.



André and Scott

Okay, enough from the German table already… Here’s a shot of the neighbour table with Adam Curry in the front.


On the opposite are Jan-Willem Swane (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Peter Ford (Netherlands) and Oliver Wrede (Cologne, Germany).




Here’s the third table. From left to right: Marc Canter, Dave, Sjoerd Visscher, and some other people whose names I don’t know.


Later, Jan-Willem joined our table.


Here he, Kishore and Sushma are listening to Peeter…

This is Peeter Marvet. He came all the way from Estonia to do some interviews with Dave, Evan Williams, Adam Curry and Jan-Willem for Tehnokratt TV. (By the way, does anyone know of a website that does translations from Estonian to English or German? )



A while ago, I found Tehnokratt in my referrers and wrote about it. Peeter replied via email, and we exchanged a few emails. That evening he gave me a Tehnokratt t-shirt. Thanks, Peeter!


Scott, Peeter, Jan-Willem and Kishore.


André, Scott and Peeter.

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