Meeting Craig in Koblenz

I just came back from Koblenz, where André and I met with Craig for a late lunch – typical German food like Pizza and Pasta – and then did some sightseeing. (The weather was great, by the way – almost too hot!)

At six, André had to get back home, but I went to the concert of the Austin Girls Choir with Craig. His daughter Leigh Ann (she’s 11) sings in the choir.

They were fantastic! Their performance was really impressive. I was surprised how professional a choir with girls aged 9 to 15 (?) can sound, especially if you keep in mind that the girls were still exhausted from the trip. They only had arrived the previous day!

Deutsches Eck:
Deutsches Eck

Originally posted on the home page on June 14, 2000.


The photos are here. Do you remember that André and I met Craig in Koblenz on June 14? Well, I took some photos then, and I finally got them developed! I also had a Picture CD made, and here are a few shots of us in Koblenz.

Notice that Craig wore his UserLand Frontier T shirt so we could recognize him when we met in his hotel’s lobby. (You can see the UserLand sign best in the last picture.)
Craig and I:
A closer look at Craig’s and my thumbs
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal: Thumbs:
Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal (monument)
Deutsches Eck, Koblenz
The Thumb, a sculpture in front of the Deutschherrenhaus (Museum Ludwig)

Craig and Andre:

Craig and André on top of the monument

Originally posted on the home page on August 28, 2000.