Expo: Second Visit, Part 4

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The next pavilion was Estonia. They have fir trees on top of their roof, and they move up and down like waves. They have slim ropes attached to them, and these ropes run through the whole building and move pieces of limestone beneath the pavilion. The floor of the building consists of glass, so you can see the limestone go up and down from inside. Pretty impressive, and a cool idea!

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Next, I went to see Latvia and Lithuania, but I forgot to take pictures of them…

Then I went to Denmark. They have exhibitions on wind, water, food – and toys!


Here’s a pillar with Lego bricks swirling in water, and a Lego cock that can cook eggs!

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“You can find out more about someone in an hour’s play than during a year of discussion.” – Plato, approx. 427 – approx. 347 BC

Now, it was almost seven, so I turned and made my way back to the entrance. I passed the Netherlands one more time, and met Twipsy, the Expo mascot.

Expo233:  Expo234:

The German pavilion looks nice in twilight, and so does the rest of the Expo.

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