Amsterdam – Saturday, May 26, 2001

We departed from Bonn at 7:39 am. Here’s our train, pulling into the station. It’s an ICE of the 3rd generation, the newest trains the Deutsche Bahn has.


We were very lucky: Our reservations were for the very last two seats in the train. This was the view we enjoyed:


After arriving in Amsterdam, we went for a walk. A few sights:


The Koningklijk Paleis (Royal Palace) at the Dam.


The tower of the Westerkerk (West Church) with Emperor Maximilian’s crown.

On the left is the house in which the Frank family hid during World War II. Actually, the Franks’ rooms were in the “achterhuis”, the house behind this one.

To the right is one of the buildings that now houses the Anne Frank museum.



The Bloemgracht (flower canal) in the Jordaan quarter.

Then we went to our hotel to check in. At the reception, we bumped into Frauke, Scott and Christopher. Our rooms were not ready yet, so we decided to go for a walk. And of course, we had to take a photo to prove that we’re all real!



Here’s a view of the Dam with the Nationalmonument and the Koningklijk Paleis at night.


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