“Mr Trump has given away the prize of a summit without getting anything in return”

March 10th, 2018

The Economist: Proceed with caution: Donald Trump’s gift for Kim Jong Un.. “A premature summit will do more for the North Korean leader than for America’s president.”

“Mr Trump no doubt believes that it is his toughness alone that has brought Mr Kim to the negotiating table and that, once there, his unique force of personality and his genius for the deal will bully and coax Mr Kim into giving up his nukes.

In fact hell will freeze over before Mr Kim voluntarily surrenders a capability that his father and grandfather believed would be the ultimate guarantor of their dynasty’s survival and which has taken decades and huge sacrifices to construct.


The risk, however, is that an inadequately prepared summit between these leaders will fall into one of two traps. The first is that Mr Kim succeeds in charming the impetuous and inexperienced Mr Trump to such an extent that he makes foolish concessions that his opposite number has no intention of earning. The second is that, if it dawns on Mr Trump that he has been played by Mr Kim and made to look naive, he may react like a jilted, misled suitor. The motto for talks with North Korea should be “proceed with caution”. A premature summit, by contrast, is an ill-considered roll of the dice.”

“Zu wenig Zeit für zu viele Aufgaben und zu viel Bürokratie”

March 9th, 2018

Die Zeit: Schulleiter beklagen zunehmende Verwaltungsaufgaben. “Jeder dritte Rektor hat mit unbesetzten Stellen zu kämpfen. Bürokratie, Inklusion und Integration von Flüchtlingen belasten laut einer Studie die Schulen zusätzlich.”

“Im Mittel bewerteten die Schulleiter die Schulpolitik ihres eigenen Bundeslandes mit der Note 3,8. Jeder fünfte Schulleiter in Deutschland beurteilt die Schulpolitik als mangelhaft oder sogar mit der Note 6.

Etwa 36 Prozent der deutschen Schulleiter gaben an, an der eigenen Schule akut mit Lehrermangel und unbesetzten Stellen zu kämpfen – an Gymnasien allerdings nur 25 Prozent.”

Mit selbstgemachter Teriyakisauce?

March 8th, 2018

Chili und Ciabatta: Asia-Spaghetti mit Rührei, buntem Gemüse und Erdnüssen.

Sieht lecker aus, muss ich demnächst mal ausprobieren.

Schmeckt sicher nicht nur im Winter

March 7th, 2018

Heute hatte ich mal mehr Zeit zum Kochen als sonst unter der Woche. Vor ein paar Tagen fand ich durch Zufall dieses Rezept, und es hat mich gleich angelacht.

Vollmilchmädchen: Malted Mushroom Pot Pie with Yeasted Biscuits.

Heute habe ich dann gleich die doppelte Menge zubereitet und die erste Portion gerade zum Mittag gegessen – bin begeistert! Das gibt’s morgen gleich nochmal, und den Rest friere ich ein.

“He was going to be famous, the best shooter ever”

March 6th, 2018

Chicago Tribune: Accused S.C. teen wanted to outdo other school shootings. The problem, he explained, was the weapon.. “Jesse Osborne detailed his motives in online messages, interviews and a 46-page confession.”

“”My plan,” wrote Jesse Osborne, who had turned 14 three weeks earlier, “is shooting my dad getting his keys getting in his truck, driving to the elementary school 4 mins away, once there gear up, shoot out the bottom school class room windows, enter the building, shoot the first class which will be the 2d grade, grab teachers keys so I don’t have to hasle to get through any doors.”

He had been researching other school shooters for months and, determined to outdo them, learned exactly how many people they’d murdered: 13 at Columbine High; 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary; 32 at Virginia Tech.

“I think ill probably most likely kill around 50 or 60,” Jesse declared. “If I get lucky maybe 150.””


“Jesse could have killed so many more children, he knew, with that Mini-14.

“To the media, it’s called an assault rifle,” he told interrogators before lamenting, for a second time, that it remained locked away.

But he was wrong.

Soon after the shooting, investigators searched the teen’s home for evidence. In his parents’ bedroom, they looked in the closet, and there, outside the safe and just feet from his father’s dresser, was the weapon Jesse coveted.”

I’m feeling sick to my stomach.

Link via MetaFilter.