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“Davis has made it his business to meet people who hate him.” (The Washington Post)

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Love + Radio: The Silver Dollar – Daryl Davis : Musician, Hate Group Connoisseur. (podcast, 40min) and How to Argue – Daryl Davis, part 2 (podcast, 40min).

Daryl Davis is a musician and the author of the book Klan-destine Relationships.

Friday Fun Music Video

Friday, November 24th, 2017

OK Go: Obsession. (Music video on YouTube, 3:43min)

Link via MetaFilter: Paper Jam.

“The record she made with Peter Gabriel was one record that saved my life. That record helped me to get sober.” (Elton John)

Friday, October 13th, 2017

BBC Documentary (2014): The Kate Bush Story – Running up That Hill. (YouTube, 60min, HD)

“For me to get into that creative process I have to have a sort of quiet place that I work from, and if I was living the life of, you know, someone in the industry, being a popstar or whatever, it’s too distracting, it’s too to do with other people’s perceptions of who you are. And what’s important to me is to be a human being who has a soul and who hopefully has a sense of who they are, not who everybody else thinks you are.”

Waddling like a duck

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Have you ever heard of a dance called Pantsula?

Take a look at this: Pantsula Dance 2013 – filmed by Streetcorner Films (YouTube, 4:37min) or this: Pantsula dancers! South Africa (YouTube, 4:52min).

The Soweto Skeleton Movers pantsula jive South Africa street performers – Breakin’ Convention 2016 (YouTube, 11:12min) take this dance to another level.

There are a lot more videos in this Pantsula Dance South Africa channel.

If you want to learn the Pantsula yourself, watch this Pantsula Dance Tutorial by “Life In Progress” (YouTube, 3:07min).

Kleines Klavierkonzert am Sonntag

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

ARD, Bettina und Bommes: Joja Wendt am Klavier.

Joja Wendt:

“Der Geschichte des Klaviers sind irgendwann die Komponisten abhanden gekommen“, stellt Joja Wendt fest. „Vermutlich hat es nie eine größere Zahl klavierspielender Menschen gegeben als heute – aber sie alle, vom Klavierschüler bis zum Star, spielen noch immer die gleichen Werke wie die Pianisten vor einhundert Jahren. Das ist kein Problem, aber eben auch kein Naturgesetz: Ich glaube daran, dass es auch heute noch möglich ist, Klaviermusik zu komponieren, die eine breite Öffentlichkeit erreicht und bewegt – wenn man denn bereit ist, den Geist der Zeit aufzunehmen, in der wir leben.”