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“I attempted to create a library of black excellence along the Appalachian Trail.”

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Atlas Obscura: Exit Interview: I Was a Black, Female Thru-Hiker on the Appalachian Trail. “On joining an exclusive group that’s 75 percent male and overwhelmingly white.” By Sarah Laskow.

“About two weeks ago, I was looking to see if there were any other black women who thru-hiked in 2016 and blogged about it, and I found one. It was called She talked about running into a hiker with a Make American Great Again hat. His trail name was MAGA. I don’t know what I would have done.
One of the reasons I did this in 2016 was that I wasn’t so sure I would do it in 2017. If I were planning my thru-hike for this year, I’m not sure I’d go. That’s sad. It’s really, really, really sad. The rule is you don’t talk about politics on the trail, but it’s going to become increasingly hard not to. Especially if you want to talk about diversity or the environment.”

Buzzfeed: How Black Books Lit My Way Along The Appalachian Trail. “I can confirm that one does not walk 2,000 miles across the face of this country as a black woman without building up an incredible sense of self.” By Rahawa Haile.

Links via MetaFilter: And I thought, maybe I could hike this trail one day.


Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

The Guardian

George Michael (Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou). “Wham! singer who went on to a solo career and became Britain’s biggest pop star.”

Carrie Fisher “Actor who played Princess Leia in Star Wars was also known for her bristling intellect and writing that mixed candour, sweetness and wit.”

Watership Down author Richard Adams dies aged 96. “Adams’ novel first published in 1972 became one of the bestselling children’s books of all time.”

Deutsche Welle in English

Iconic ‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher dies at the age of 60. “She had been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack during a flight from London to Los Angeles last week. Fans have turned to social media to express their condolences.”

Pop icon George Michael dies, aged 53. “The British pop star and former singer of Wham!, George Michael, has died at the age of 53, according to his publicist. The global superstar reportedly “passed away peacefully at home” in England.”

‘Watership Down’ author Richard Adams dies, aged 96. “The English novelist Richard Adams, whose most famous work was “Watership Down,” an adventure story about rabbits, has died. Other successes were “Shardik” and “The Plague Dogs.””

Deutsche Welle auf deutsch

US-Schauspielerin Carrie Fisher ist tot. “Als Prinzessin Leia in der legendären Kino-Saga “Star Wars” wurde sie berühmt. Jetzt starb die Schauspielerin Carrie Fisher im Alter von 60 Jahren an den Folgen eines schweren Herzinfarktes.”

Ex-Wham!-Sänger George Michael ist tot. “Der britische Popsänger wurde nur 53 Jahre alt. Mit “Last Christmas” landete George Michael einen Hit, der seit fast vier Jahrzehnten regelmäßig zu den Feiertagen ertönt. Jetzt starb er überraschend zu Weihnachten.”
Verflixtes Jahr 2016 – Jetzt ist auch noch George Michael gestorben. “Als ob das Jahr 2016 noch nicht genügend Legenden eingesammelt hat. Nun ist auch George Michael gestorben – mit gerade einmal 53 Jahren. Fans und Stars trauern weltweit um einen ganz Großen des Showbiz.”

Die Zeit

Carrie Fisher: Die ewige Prinzessin. “Carrie Fisher spielte in mehr als 40 Filmen mit und war eine sehr gute Autorin. Doch in Erinnerung bleibt sie vor allem mit einer Rolle: Prinzessin Leia aus “Star Wars”.” Von Dirk Peitz.

George Michael: Lieder eines besseren Lebens. “Der große britische Popmusiker George Michael ist mit nur 53 Jahren gestorben. Er kannte die hellsten und dunkelsten Momente und hat für alle Welt darüber gesungen.” Von Dirk Peitz.

Almost a quarter century

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Dagbladet: The Baby in the Plastic Bag. “One frosty October morning, a newborn baby boy is found inside a plastic bag in an Oslo graveyard. The baby is about to die. A true story in nine parts.” By Bernt Jakob Oksnes.

Link via MetaFilter: Ullevaalsalléen 5, Oslo.

Longreads of 2016

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Longreads: Longreads Best of 2016: Here Are All of Our No. 1 Story Picks from This Year.

Link via MetaFilter: Time to put your feet up.

Some recommendations:

San Francisco Chronicle: Last Men Standing. “They had the remarkable luck to survive AIDS, and the brutal misfortune to live on.” By Erin Allday.

Outside: The Most Successful Female Everest Climber of All Time Is a Housekeeper in Hartford, Connecticut. “Lhakpa Sherpa ​​has climbed Everest more than any other woman—​and now she’s on the mountain trying for her seventh summit​. So why doesn’t anyone know her name?” By Grayson Schaffer.

Buzzfeed News: Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker. “A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her.” By Anonymous. The Writer Who Was Too Strong To Live. “Jennifer Frey’s obituary in the Washington Post, her last full-time employer, merely gave “multiple organ failure” as the cause of her March 26 death. But alcohol killed her as surely as a bullet killed Lincoln.”

And some articles I still want to read:

The Guardian: Alexander Litvinenko: the man who solved his own murder. “This week, the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko will deliver its findings. The former Russian spy was poisoned with a cup of tea in a London hotel. Working with Scotland Yard detectives, as he lay dying, he traced the lethal substance to a former comrade in the Russian secret service.” By Luke Harding.

Mother Jones: My four months as a private prison guard. “I started applying for jobs in private prisons because I wanted to see the inner workings of an industry that holds 131,000 of the nation’s 1.6 million prisoners. As a journalist, it’s nearly impossible to get an unconstrained look inside our penal system. When prisons do let reporters in, it’s usually for carefully managed tours and monitored interviews with inmates. Private prisons are especially secretive.” By Shane Bauer.

Atavist Magazine: A Family Matter. “Each year, California’s child protective services agencies remove thousands of kids from their homes. The story of how some parents decided to fight back.” By Jessica Weisberg.

Charlotte Magazine: Poverty in Charlotte: ‘It Was Never Okay’.“A working mother fights to give her kids a better life in a city where that’s next to impossible.” By Lisa Rab.

New Republic: Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens. “That feeling when you hit a million followers, make more money than your mom, push a diet pill scheme, lose your blog, and turn 16.” By Elspeth Reeve.

LA Times: ‘You want a description of Hell?’ Oxycontin’s 12-hour problem. “Over the last 20 years, more than 7 million Americans have abused OxyContin, according to the federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.” By Harriet Ryan, Lisa Girion and Scott Glover.

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts

Friday, December 16th, 2016

The Bello Collective: 100 Outstanding Audio Stories of 2016. “The best podcast episodes & audio journalism of the year, as chosen by the Bello Collective team (and friends).”

Lots of links to gread podcast episodes. I’ve been following Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams? and How to be a Girl and have listened to the Radiolab episodes The Buried Bodies Case and Debatable as well as the Radiolab Spinoff Podcast, More Perfect. Also, this American Life episodes Tell Me I’m Fat, Anatomy of Doubt and My Damn Mind and HumaNature episode Hoofprints on the Heart.

Link via MetaFilter: Ear of the Year.

Along the same lines, check out the answers to this Ask MeFi: Favorite episodes of radio shows/podcasts.