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Meine Lieblingsbücher. Und mein Wunschzettel bei

Ohne Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit.

Reading now – Jetzt
Hansen, James R.: First Man – The Life of Neil Armstrong
October 2018
Goulson, Dave: Und sie fliegt doch – eine kurze Geschichte der Hummel
September 2018
Yousafzai, Malala: I am Malala
August 2018
Fedarko, Kevin: The Emerald Mile – The epic story of the fastest ride in history through the heart of the Grand Canyon
July 2018
May, Peter: The Lewis Man
May, Peter: The Chessmen
June 2018
May, Peter: The Blackhouse
Pfenningschmidt, Jörg & Reif, Jonas: Hier wächst nichts – Notizen aus unseren Gärten
May 2018
April 2018
March 2018
McCall Smith, Alexander: Precious and Grace
Williams, John: Stoner
Holdinghausen, Heike: Dreimal anziehen, weg damit
February 2018
Weir, Andy: Artemis
January 2018
Koppel, Lily: The Astronauts Wives Club
Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid’s Tale
December 2017
Brown, Rita-Mae: Tall Tail
November 2017
Coates, Ta-Nehisi: Between the World and Me
October 2017
Wulf, Andrea: The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science
September 2017
Mitford, Nancy: Englische Liebschaften
August 2017
Bryson, Bill: A Walk in the Woods
Bachmayer, Amelie: Mathe ist übertrieben hässlich, Frau Bachmayer
July 2017
McCall Smith, Alexander: 44 Scotland Street
Bryson, Bill: The Lost Continent
June 2017
Woods, Mark: Lassoing the Sun – A Year in America’s National Parks
May 2017
April 2017
March 2017
Bjerg, Bov: Auerhaus
February 2017
January 2017
December 2016
George, Elizabeth: A Banquet of Consequences
November 2016
Kazim, Hasnain: Grünkohl und Curry
Williams, Tad: Sleeping Late on Judgement Day
Williams, Tad: Happy Hour in Hell
October 2016
Williams, Tad: The Dirty Streets of Heaven
September 2016
Rachel Joyce: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (second time)
Joyce, Rachel: The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy
Weir, Andy: The Martian
August 2016
Brown, Rita-Mae: Tail Gait
July 2016
Mankell, Henning: Der Feind im Schatten
Mankell, Henning: Mord im Herbst
Mankell, Henning: Vor dem Frost
Ghiglieri, Michael & Myers, Thomas: Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon
June 2016
Northup, Solomon: Twelve Years a Slave
Wells, Rebecca: Ya-Yas in Bloom
May 2016
Blackbourn, David: Die Eroberung der Natur
Meyerhoff, Joachim: Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war
April 2016
Wohlleben, Peter: Das geheime Leben der Bäume
March 2016
Herrndorf, Wolfgang: Tschick
February 2016
Kaltenegger, Lisa: Sind wir allein im Universum?
January 2016
Mankell, Henning: Wallanders erster Fall
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Woman who walked in Sunshine
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Café
December 2015
Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings (5th time, I think)
November 2015
Mistry, Rohinton: The Scream
October 2015
Alexievich, Svetlana: Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster
September 2015
Fernández-Vidal, Sonia Nikos Reise durch Raum und Zeit
Hadfield, Chris: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth
August 2015
Tartt, Donna: The Goldfinch
July 2015
De Monchaux, Nicholas: Spacesuit – Fashioning Apollo
June 2015
Harden, Blaine: Escape from Camp 14
May 2015
Haasis, Hellmut G.: Den Hitler jag ich in die Luft – Der Attentäter Georg Elser
April 2015
Brown, Rita-Mae: Nine Lives to Die
Brown, Rita-Mae: The Litter of the Law
Jonasson, Jonas The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
March 2015
Haas, Wolf: Brennerova
Maupin, Armistead: The Days of Anna Madrigal
February 2015
Haas, Wolf: Der Brenner und der liebe Gott
Haas, Wolf: Das ewige Leben
Solomons, Natasha: The novel in the viola
January 2015
Haas, Wolf: Wie die Tiere
December 2014
Haas, Wolf: Silentium!
Haas, Wolf: Komm süßer Tod
November 2014
October 2014
Haas, Wolf: Der Knochenmann
Haas, Wolf: Auferstehung der Toten
Simsion, Graeme: The Rosie Project
September 2014
August 2014
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon
July 2014
George, Elizabeth: Just One Evil Act
June 2014
Niffenegger, Audrey: The Time Traveler’s Wife
May 2014
Sloan, Robin: Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore
April 2014
Ebershoff, David: The 19th Wife
March 2014
Maupin, Armistead: Mary Ann in Autumn
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Krieg
February 2014
January 2014
December 2013
November 2013
Barnes, Julian: The Sense of an Ending
October 2013
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Union Quilters
September 2013
Hosseini, Khaled: And the mountains echoed
August 2013
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
July 2013
Brown, Rita-Mae: The Big Cat Nap
June 2013
Rachel Joyce: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Christos Tsiolkas: The Slap
May 2013
Jordan, Toni: Addition
April 2013
Bennett, Alan: Die souveräne Leserin
March 2013
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
February 2013
George, Elizabeth: Believing the lie
January 2013
Bryson, Bill: At Home: A short history of private life
Solomons, Natasha: Mr. Rosenblum’s List
December 2012
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Bullen
November 2012
Bota, Alice; Pham, Khuê; Topçu, Özlem: Wir neuen Deutschen: Wer wir sind, was wir wollen
October 2012
Stockett, Kathryn: The Help
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Double Comfort Safari Club
September 2012
Suter, Martin: Der letzte Weynfeldt
Donoghue, Emma: Room
August 2012
Adiga, Aravind: The White Tiger
July 2012
Martres, Laurent Photographing the Southwest: Volume 1 – Southern Utah
Lonely Planet: Southwest USA
Lonely Planet: Colorado
June 2012
Shaffer, Mary Ann & Barrows, Annie: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
May 2012
Brown, Rita-Mae: Hiss of Death
April 2012
O’Hare, Mick (Hrsg.): Wie man mit einem Schokoriegel die Lichtgeschwindigkeit misst
March 2012
February 2012
Nicholls, David: One Day
January 2012
December 2011
November 2011
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The New Year’s Quilt
October 2011
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Christmas Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Quilter’s Homecoming
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Circle of Quilters
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Sugar Camp Quilt
September 2011
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Master Quilter
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Quilter’s Legacy
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Runaway Quilt
August 2011
Mortenson, Greg; Relin, David Oliver: 3 Tassen Tee
July 2011
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Cross-Country Quilters
June 2011
Chiaverini, Jennifer: Round Robin
Chiaverini, Jennifer: The Quilter’s Apprentice
May 2011
Verne, Jules: Paris in the 20th century
April 2011
Beniov, David: City of thieves
Hosseini, Khaled: A thousand splendid suns
March 2011
Williams, Tad: Shadowheart (Shadowmarch 4)
Brown, Rita-Mae: Cat of the Century
February 2011
January 2011
Williams, Tad: Shadowrise (Shadowmarch 3)
December 2010
Williams, Tad: Shadowplay (Shadowmarch 2)
November 2010
Williams, Tad: Shadowmarch
October 2010
Ruiz Zafón, Carlos: Das Spiel des Engels
Hawks, Tony: Round Ireland with a fridge
September 2010
Mistry, Rohinton: Family Matters
Mistry, Rohinton: Such a Long Journey
Mistry, Rohinton: Swimming Lessons: And Other Stories from Firozsha Baag
August 2010
Mistry, Rohinton: A fine balance
Schertenleib, Hansjörg: Das Regenorchester
July 2010
Larsen, Reif: The selected works of T. S. Spivet
Berndorf, Jacques: Die Nürburg-Papiere
Conrad, Klaus: Canadian Escapades – Kanadische Eskapaden
Seierstad, Åsne: The Bookseller of Kabul
June 2010
Jaumann, Ralf et al.: Der Mond – Entstehung, Erforschung, Raumfahrt
May 2010
Krantz, Gene: Failure is not an Option
April 2010
March 2010
McCall Smith, Alexander: Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
Eggers, Dave: Zeitoun
February 2010
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Miracle at Speedy Motors
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
McCall Smith, Alexander: Blue Shoes and Happiness
January 2010
McCall Smith, Alexander: In the company of cheerful ladies
Hansen, Eric T.: Planet Germany
Clarke, Stephen: Merde happens
December 2009
Brown, Rita-Mae: Santa Clawed
November 2009
Green, Bill et al.: I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski
October 2009
Glattauer, Daniel: Gut gegen Nordwind
Brown, Rita-Mae: The Purrfect Murder
Feynman, Richard: Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman
September 2009
Mercier, Pascal: Nachtzug nach Lissabon
Lelord, Francois: Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glück
August 2009
Meyn, Boris: Der Tote im Fleet
July 2009
le Carré, John: The spy who came in from the cold
June 2009
Haddon, Mark: A Spot of Bother
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Full Cupboard of Life
McCall Smith, Alexander: The Kalahari Typing School for Men
May 2009
Akbar, Said Hyder: Come back to Afghanistan
April 2009
Schätzing, Frank: Der Schwarm
McCall Smith, Alexander: Morality for beautiful Girls
March 2009
Ferguson, Will & Ian: How to be a Canadian
Sedaris, David: Me talk pretty one day
February 2009
McDermid, Val: Das Moor des Vergessens (The Grave Tattoo)
George, Elizabeth: Careless in Red
January 2009
Follett, Ken: World Without End
McCall Smith, Alexander: Tears of the Giraffe
December 2008
Tahan, Malba: Beremis, der Zahlenkünstler
November 2008
Obama, Barack: Dreams from my Father
October 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Puss ‘n cahoots
Brown, Rita-Mae: Sour puss
Brown, Rita-Mae: Cat’s eyewitness
Brown, Rita-Mae: Whisker of Evil
September 2008
Berndorf, Jacques: Mond über der Eifel
von Ditfurth, Christian: Lüge eines Lebens: Stachelmanns vierter Fall
von Ditfurth, Christian: Schatten des Wahns: Stachelmanns dritter Fall
von Ditfurth, Christian: Mit Blindheit geschlagen: Stachelmanns zweiter Fall
Brown, Rita-Mae: The tail of the tip-off
Brown, Rita-Mae: Catch as cat can
August 2008
Blyton, Enid: Five Have a Puzzling Time and Other Stories
Brown, Rita-Mae: Claws and effect
Brown, Rita-Mae: Pawing through the past
Brown, Rita-Mae: Cat on the scent
Brown, Rita-Mae: Murder on the prowl
July 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Murder, she meowed
Maupin, Armistead: Michael Tolliver lives
June 2008
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Kreuz
Brown, Rita-Mae: Pay dirt
May 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Murder at Monticello
von Ditfurth, Christian: Mann ohne Makel: Stachelmanns erster Fall
April 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Rest in Pieces
March 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Wish you were here
Herrero, Stephen: Bear attacks
February 2008
Brown, Rita-Mae: Puss ‘n cahoots
Brown, Rita-Mae: Sour puss
Brown, Rita-Mae: Cat’s eyewitness
Brown, Rita-Mae: Whisker of Evil
January 2008
Coupland, Douglas: The Gum Thief
Hoffman, Paul: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers (The Story of Paul Erdös and the Search for Mathematical Truth)
December 2007
Fischer, Joschka: Mein langer Lauf zu mir selbst
Ard, Leo P. (Hrsg.): Der Mörder packt die Rute aus (Weihnachts-Krimis)
Link, Charlotte: Wilde Lupinen
November 2007
Hosseini, Khaled: The Kite Runner
October 2007
Bryson, Bill: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
George, Elizabeth: Am Ende war die Tat (What came before he shot her)
September 2007
Fox, Kate Watching The English
August 2007
McCall Smith, Alexander: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
July 2007
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
June 2007
Williams, Tad: Shadowplay (Shadowmarch 2)
May 2007
April 2007
Brown, Rita-Mae: Sour Puss
Whittlesey, Lee: Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park
March 2007
Berndorf, Jacques: Der Bär
February 2007
Mark Haddon: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Rashke, Richard: Escape from Sobibor
January 2007
Kehlmann, Daniel: Die Vermessung der Welt
McCourt, Frank: Teacher Man
Kerner, Charlotte: Lise, Atomphysikerin – Die Lebensgeschichte der Lise Meitner
December 2006
Kerkeling, Hape: Ich bin dann mal weg. Meine Reise auf dem Jakobsweg
November 2006
Feynman, Richard: Kümmert Sie, was andere Leute denken?
Feynman, Richard: Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman!
October 2006
Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings (4th time, I think)
Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Hobbit (4th time at least)
September 2006
Regis, Edward: Who got Einstein’s Office?
Brecht, Bertold: Leben des Galilei
August 2006
Bryson, Bill: Neither Here Nor There
Watterson, Bill: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
July 2006
Ferris, Timothy / Feynman, Michelle: Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track: The Letters of Richard P. Feynman
June 2006
Schlieper, Birgit: Zone 30
Coupland, Douglas: jPod
Mankell, Henning: Die Brandmauer
Mankell, Henning: Mittsommermord
Mankell, Henning: Die fünfte Frau
May 2006
Mankell, Henning: Die falsche Fährte
Mankell, Henning: Der Mann, der lächelte
Mankell, Henning: Hunde von Riga
Mankell, Henning: Mörder ohne Gesicht
Mankell, Henning: Die weiße Löwin
April 2006
George, Elizabeth: With No One As Witness
March 2006
Berndorf, Jacques: Der letzte Agent
Brown, Rita-Mae: Cat’s Eyewitness
Brown, Rita-Mae: Whisker of Evil
Erdmann-Macke, Elisabeth: Erinnerungen an August Macke
February 2006
Abbey, Edward: The Monkey Wrench Gang
January 2006
December 2005
Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird
November 2005
Monk Kidd, Sue: The Secret Life of Bees
Bryson, Bill: In a Sunburned Country
Oktober 2005
September 2005
August 2005
Bryson, Bill: I’m a stranger here myself
July 2005
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
June 2005
Williams, Tad: Shadowmarch
Orths, Markus: Lehrerzimmer
Spinnen, Burkhard: Belgische Riesen
May 2005
Bryson, Bill: A short history of nearly everything
April 2005
Bryson, Bill: Bill Bryson’s African Diary
Schneider, Reto: Das Buch der verrückten Experimente
March 2005
Doxiadis, Apostolos: Onkel Petros und die Goldbachsche Vermutung
Symons, Mitchell: Wussten Sie schon…?
February 2005
Bryson, Bill: A walk in the woods
January 2005
Ankowitsch, Christian Dr. Ankowitschs kleines Konversationslexikon
December 2004
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Träume
November 2004
October 2004
Eco, Umberto: Der Name der Rose
September 2004
Barnouw, David: Anne Frank – Vom Mädchen zum Mythos
August 2004
Lewis, Clive Staples: The Chronicles of Narnia
Sachar, Louis: Holes
July 2004
Berndorf, Jacques: Eine Reise nach Genf
Brown, Rita Mae: Catch as Cat Can
June 2004
Ihimaera, Witi: The Whale Rider
Hammesfahr, Petra: Meineid
Hammesfahr, Petra: Die Mutter
May 2004
McCourt, Frank: ‘Tis
Brewer, Jeannie: A crack in forever
April 2004
George, Elizabeth: A Place of Hiding
Proulx, Annie: That old Ace in the Hole
March 2004
Brown, Rita Mae: Pay Dirt
February 2004
Eugenides, Jeffrey: Middlesex
Kramp, Ralf: Hart an der Grenze
Serkis, Andy: Gollum – How we made movie magic
Kaminer, Wladimir: Russendisko
Follett, Ken: The Pillars of the Earth (3rd time)
January 2004
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: Der Zahlenteufel
Verne, Jules: Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde
Kaminer, Wladimir: Russendisko
Coupland, Douglas: Hey Nostradamus
Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Hobbit (3rd time at least)
Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings (3rd time, I think)
December 2003
Hofmann, Corinne: Zurück aus Afrika
November 2003
Roy, Arundhati: The God of Small Things
October 2003
Martel, Yann: Self
Hammesfahr, Petra: Die Sünderin
September 2003
Williams, Tad: The Dragonbone Chair
Williams, Tad: The Stone of Farewell
Williams, Tad: To Green Angel Tower
Sebold, Alice: The Lovely Bones
Taring, Rintschen Dölma: Ich bin eine Tochter Tibets
August 2003
Martel, Yann: Life of Pi
Tenberken, Sabriye: Mein Weg führt nach Tibet – Die blinden Kinder von Lhasa
Abbey, Edward: The Fool’s Progress
July 2003
Mistry, Rohinton: Family Matters
Williams, Tad: The War of the Flowers
June 2003
Hammesfahr, Petra: Bélas Sünden
Irving, John: The Fourth Hand
June 2003
Mahmoody, Betty: Not Without My Daughter
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Schechter, Bruce: My Brain is Open – The Mathematical Journeys of Paul Erdös
Brown, Rita Mae: Claws and Effect
George, Elizabeth: A Suitable Vengeance
May 2003
Brown, Rita Mae: Murder, She Meowed
Brown, Rita Mae: Pawing Through the Past
Coupland, Douglas: Microserfs
Brown, Rita Mae: Ruhe in Fetzen
Brown, Rita Mae: Schade, daß Du nicht tot bist
Brown, Rita Mae: Murder on the Prowl
Cook, David: Der Zweitbeste
Christie, Agatha: Meistererzählungen
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Liebe
April 2003
Coupland, Douglas All Families Are Psychotic
George, Elizabeth In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
Frazier, Charles: Cold Mountain
Cauley, Harry: Bridie and Finn
March 2003
Irving, John: Gottes Werk und Teufels Beitrag
Maupin, Armistead: Tales of the City series
February 2003
Abbott, Edwin A.: Flatland
Krämer, Walter: So lügt man mit Statistik
January 2003
Chabon, Michael: Die unglaublichen Abenteuer von Kavalier und Clay
Wells, H. G.: Meistererzählungen
December 2002
Silko, Leslie Marmon: Gardens in the Dunes
Schami, Rafik: Erzähler der Nacht
Blatt, Thomas Toivi: Nur die Schatten bleiben (Aufstand in Sobibor)
November 2002
Wells, Rebecca: Little Altars Everywhere
Irving, John: A Widow for One Year
Irving, John: Garp und wie er die Welt sah
October 2002
Hornby, Nick: About a Boy
September 2002
Childs, Craig: The Secret Knowledge of Water
August 2002
Mistry, Rohinton: Such a Long Journey
Juli 2002
Ghosh, Amitav: The Glass Palace
Juni 2002
Mistry, Rohinton: Swimming Lessons: And Other Stories from Firozsha Baag
Oufkir, Malika/Fitoussi, Michèle: Die Gefangene
Mai 2002
von Glasenapp, Helmuth: Die fünf Weltreligionen
April 2002
Dönhoff, Marion: Namen, die keiner mehr nennt
Pears, Tim: In the Place of Falling Leaves
Chaikin, Andrew: A Man on the Moon – III: Lunar Explorers
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Wasser
Pears, Tim: In a Land of Plenty
March 2002
Chaikin, Andrew: A Man on the Moon – II: The Odyssey Continues
Gaiman, Neil: American Gods
February 2002
Chaikin, Andrew: A Man on the Moon – I: One Giant Leap
January 2002
Bryson, Bill: Notes from a Big Country
Beutelspacher, Albrecht: Pasta all’ infinito
George, Elizabeth: Mein ist die Rache (A Suitable Vengeance)
December 2001
Williams, Tad: Caliban’s Hour
Maupin, Armistead: The Night Listener
George, Elizabeth: Payment in Blood
Fielding, Helen: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
November 2001
Austen, Jane: Mansfield Park
October 2001
Tan, Amy: The Bonesetter’s Daughter
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Müll
September 2001
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Sturm
le Carré, John: The Constant Gardener
August 2001
Fielding, Helen: Cause Celeb
July 2001
Boyle, Tom Coraghessan: World’s End
Defoe, Daniel: Robinson Crusoe
Fine, Anne: Telling Liddy
Nomachi, Kazuyoshi: Tibet
Klingenberg, Wilhelm: Tibet
June 2001
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Jagd
Brown, Rita Mae: Outfoxed
Brown, Rita Mae: Dolley
Tan, Amy: Töchter des Himmels (The Joy Luck Club)
Degen, Michael: Nicht alle waren Mörder
Massaquoi, Hans-Jürgen: Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger
May 2001
Grisham, John: The Street Lawyer
Picardie, Ruth: Es wird mir fehlen, das Leben
Hentig, Hartmut von: Das allmähliche Verschwinden der Wirklichkeit
Postman, Neil: Amusing Ourselves to Death
Norman, Donald: The Design of Everyday Things
Brown, Rita Mae: Herz Dame sticht
April 2001
Fielding, Joy: Don’t Cry Now
Coupland, Douglas: Generation X
Brown, Rita Mae: Riding Shotgut
Stoll, Clifford: Die Wüste Internet
March 2001
Williams, Tad: Otherland IV – Sea of Silver Light
Müller, Melissa: Das Mädchen Anne Frank
Brown, Rita Mae: Venus Envy
Brown, Rita Mae: Cat on the Scent
Newt Scamander: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Kenniworthy Wisp: Quidditch Through The Ages
HRH The Prince of Wales: A Vision of Britain – A personal view of Architecture
February 2001
Gaiman, Neil: Neverwhere
Leighton, Ralph: Tuva or bust! – Richard Feynman’s Last Journey
Theroux, Paul: Die glücklichen Inseln Ozeaniens
January 2001
Nichols, Tad: Glen Canyon – Images of a Lost World
December 2000
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Fischer, Joschka: Mein langer Lauf zu mir selbst
October 2000
Greenspun, Philip: Travels with Samantha
September 2000
Metz, Claudia: Abgefahren
Katz, John: Geeks
June 2000
Irving, John: A Prayer for Owen Meany
George, Elizabeth: Well-schooled in Murder
George, Elizabeth: A Great Deliverance
Morgan, Marlo: Traumreisende
May 2000
George, Elizabeth: Missing Joseph
George, Elizabeth: In the Presence of the Enemy
Hofmann, Corinne: Die weiße Massai
Guterson, David: The Country Ahead of Us, the Country Behind
Zweig, Stefanie: Nirgendwo in Afrika
Zweig, Stefanie: Irgendwo in Deutschland
Zweig, Stefanie: … doch die Träume blieben in Afrika
George, Elizabeth: Deception on His Mind
April 2000
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Norman, Howard: The Bird Artist
George, Elizabeth: Asche zu Asche (Playing for the Ashes)
George, Elizabeth: Denn bitter ist der Tod (For the Sake of Elena)
March 2000
Musil, Robert: Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törleß
Guillen, Michael: Brücken ins Unendliche
Radbruch, Knut: Mathematik in den Geisteswissenschaften
February 2000
Hoeg, Peter: Tales of the Night
Kästner, Erich: Werke/3
Frisch, Max: Gesammelte Werke in zeitlicher Folge/03
Kaiser, Hans: Die Geschichte der Mathematik
Steiner, Gerhard: Mathematik als Denkerziehung
January 2000
Rowling, Joanne: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Grisham, John: The Partner
Ustinov, Peter: Monsieur René
Stevenson, Robert: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Heller, Joseph: Something Happened
Heller, Joseph: Catch 22
Proulx, Annie: Close Range
Roberts, Monty: The Man Who Listens to Horses
Doyle, Arthur Conan: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Doyle, Arthur Conan: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Poe, Edgar Allen: The Complete Tales and Poems
Günter Grass: Mein Jahrhundert
December 1999
Guedj, Denis: Das Theorem des Papageis
Gordon, Noah: The Rabbi
Toynbee, Polly: Lost Children
Tan, Amy: The Kitchen God’s Wife
Ernst, Bruno: Der Zauberspiegel des Maurits Cornelis Escher
November 1999
Berndorf, Jacques: Requiem für einen Henker
September 1999
Williams, Tad: Otherland III – Mountain of Black Glass
Evans, Nicholas: The Loop
August 1999
Wells, Rebecca: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Lamb, Wally: She’s Come Undone
Steinbeck, John: Of Mice and Men
Follett, Ken: A Place called Freedom
Sacks, Oliver: Awakenings
July 1999
Maupin, Armistead: Stadtgeschichten
Maupin, Armistead: Mehr Stadtgeschichten
Maupin, Armistead: Noch mehr Stadtgeschichten
Maupin, Armistead: Tollivers Reisen
Maupin, Armistead: Am Busen der Natur
Maupin, Armistead: Schluß mit lustig
Brown, Rita Mae: Murder at Monticello
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Rallye
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Schnee
Mistry, Rohinton: Such a long Journey
June 1999
Irving, John: Setting Free the Bears
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Gold
Noll, Ingrid: Der Hahn ist tot
Gaarder, Jostein: Durch einen Spiegel, in einem dunklen Wort
Irving, John: A Son of the Circus
Prejan, Helen: Dead Man Walking
May 1999
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Feuer
Fielding, Helen: Bridget Jones’s Diary
Fielding, Joy: Missing Pieces
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Blues
Faulkner, William: Intruder in the Dust
Maxwell, William: All the Days and Nights
Fynn: Mister God, this is Anna
Baring, Maurice: C.
April 1999
Proulx, Annie: Postcards
March 1999
Fitzgerald, F: The Great Gatsby
Proulx, Annie: Accordion Crimes
February 1999
Salinger, Jerome: The Catcher in the Rye
Hemingway, Ernest: The Old Man and the Sea
Adams, Richard: Tales from Watership Down
Wood, Barbara: Domina
Williams, Tad: Traumjäger und Goldpfote
January 1999
Coupland, Douglas: Shampoo Planet
McCourt, Frank: Angela’s Ashes
December 1998
Pirincci, Akif: Der Rumpf
Verne, Jules: Das grüne Leuchten
Verne, Jules: Die Erfindung des Verderbens
October 1998
Ustinov, Peter: Der Intrigant
Follett, Ken: Night over Water
Grisham, John: The Runaway Jury
Berndorf, Jacques: Eifel-Filz
Simenon, Georges: Meistererzählungen