A whole decade?!

Ten years ago I posted on my newly created weblog for the first time. Has it really been ten years already? It feels like a century in internet-time, but much shorter than a decade in real life. I must be getting old. 😉

To celebrate, I give you a link to a site that was all the rage back then – turn your speakers on!

(More elaborate posting to come, have got to run to work.)

3 Responses to “A whole decade?!”

  1. rushme Says:

    Congrats!! I believe I know exactly how you feel. And I remember very well the moment when I started blogging myself back in 2001. Yeah, time passes… wow…

  2. LuCaS Says:

    ! Viel Glück zum Weblogstag ! 🙂

  3. Herr Rau Says:

    Da merke ich erst, was ich für ein Jungspund bin. Alles Gute!